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The following resources are on-line: just click the link.

Professional Organizations

๏   Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada

๏   California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO)

๏   Institute for Local Government (ILG)

๏   Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)

๏   International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

๏   League of California Cities

๏   California Local Government Finance Almanac

๏   California Municipal Treasurers Association (CMTA)

๏   California Association for Local Economic Development

State of California

๏   State Legislative Analyst’s Office

๏   California Debt and Investments Advisory Commission (CDIAC)

๏   Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF)

๏   State Department of Finance

๏   State Board of Equalization


๏   State Franchise Tax Board

๏   State Controller’s Office

๏   California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)

๏   State Government Code 

Publications and Reports 

From the GFOA

๏   Best Practices and Advisories

๏   Recovery from Financial Distress and Fiscal First Aid 

From the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting


๏   Best Budget Practices in Public Budgeting 

From the CSMFO

๏    Resource Matrix for Municipal Finance Professionals 

From the Institute for Local Government

๏   Financial Management for Elected Officials

๏   Understanding the Basics of County and City Revenues

๏   A Local Officials Guide to Public Engagement in  Budgeting

๏   Building a Healthy Foundation Through Revenue Diversification 

From the California Committee on Municipal Accounting (CCMA)

๏   “White Papers” on Accounting Principles in California 

From the League of California Cities, Western City Magazine

๏   Municipal Fiscal-Health Contingency Planning

๏   Getting the Most Out of Your City's Current Resources


๏   California Debt Issuance Primer Handbook

๏   Local Agency Investment Guidelines

๏   OPEBs and GASB 45: A Question and Answer Guide 

From the State Controller’s Office

๏   Local Government Annual Financial Reports

From Credit Rating Agencies

๏   Fitch Management Practices

๏   Standard & Poors Management Practices

From the City of San Luis Obispo

๏    Five-Year General Fund Fiscal Forecast: 2009-14

๏    General Fiscal Outlook: 2009-11

๏    Five-Year General Fund Fiscal Forecast: 2007-12

From CSMFO Policy and Long-Term Financial Planning Training

๏ Presentation: The Power of Fiscal Policies

๏  Hand-Out Attachments

    -   Fitch Ratings: Impact of Management Practices on Municipal Credit

     -  Standard & Poor’s: Top Ten Management Characteristics of

        Highly Rated Credits in U.S. Public Finance

     -  Monitoring Fiscal Performance (2010)

     -  Year Department Expenditure Reports (2010) 

     -  City of San Luis Obispo Budget and Fiscal Policies (2010)

     -  City of Bell Budget and Fiscal Policies (2012)

     -  Setting Reserves “White Paper”

๏  Presentation: Long-Term Financial Planning   

From CSMFO Weekend Training


๏  Presentation: Financial Analysis & Reporting

๏  Presentation: Long-Term Financial Planning

From State Bar of California

๏  Disciplinary Proceedings Cost Recovery