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Many of the following publications are on-line: just click the link.


๏   Internal Service Funds: Why You Might Want to Use Them … and Why You               Probably Don’t, CSMFO News, March 2022

๏   Guide to Local Government Finance in California, Second Edition,

     Solano Press, July 2017 (Co-Author)

๏   Setting Reserve Policies - and Then Living Within Them, CSMFO Magazine,

     May 2017

๏   Presenting the Budget to Your Constituents, CSMFO Magazine, July 2016

๏   Planning for Fiscal Recovery, Government Finance Review, February 2014

   Managing Debt Capacity: Taking a Policy-Based Approach to Protecting

     Long- Term Fiscal Health, Government Finance Review, August 2011

๏   Fees in a Post-Proposition 218 World, League of California Cities,

     City Attorney's Department Spring Conference, May 2010

๏   Municipal Fiscal Health Contingency Planning, Western City Magazine,

     November 2009

๏   California Municipal Revenue Sources Handbook, League of California

     Cities, 2019 (Contributor: Chapter 8, “Cost Recovery”)

​๏   Understanding the Basics of County and City Revenues, Institute for Local                 Government, 2008, Updated in 2013 (Contributor)

๏   Financial Management for Elected Officials, Institute for Local Government, 2007,

     Updated in 2013 (Contributor)

๏   Building a Healthy Financial Foundation Through Revenue Diversification,                   Institute for Local Government, 2006 (Contributor)

๏   Getting the Most Out of Your City’s Current Revenues: Sound Fiscal Policies

     Ensure Higher Cost Recovery for Cities, Western City Magazine, November 2003

๏   Local Government Revenue Diversification, Fiscal Balance/Fiscal Share and

     Sustainability, Institute for Local Government, November 2002 (Co-Author)

๏   Why Is GASB 34 Such a Big Deal?, Western City Magazine, November 2000

๏   Understanding Sales Tax Issues, Western City Magazine, June 1997

๏   Proposition 218 Implementation Guide, League of California Cities, 1997