Bill Statler has provided highly-rated management and financial training for many years, both in the “third act” of his career as a consultant, author and trainer, and when he was the Director of Finance & Information Technology for the City of San Luis Obispo. The following summarizes agencies he has provided training for and topics. Click for here for program descriptions.


​๏  League of California Cities
​๏  Institute for Local Government
​๏  California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
​๏  Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA)
​๏  California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO)
​๏  Municipal Management Assistants of Southern California and Northern California
​๏  Probation Business Managers Association of California
​๏  National Federation of Municipal Analysts
​๏  Humboldt County
​๏  California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions
​๏  American Planning Association


​๏  Financial Analysis and Reporting
​๏  Fiscal Health Contingency Planning
​๏  Effective Project Management
​๏  Providing Great Customer Service in Internal Service Organizations: The Strategic Edge
​๏  Strategies for Strengthening Organizational Effectiveness
​๏  The Power of Effective Meetings in Achieving Your Organization’s Goals: Smart Uses of           Electronic Scheduling
​๏  Multi-Year Budgeting
​๏  Telling Your Fiscal Story: Tips on Making Effective Presentations
​๏  Effectively Using Visual Aids in Making Great Presentations
​๏  Effective Report Writing  
​๏  What Happened in the City of Bell and What We Can All Learn from It
​๏  Transparency in Financial Management: Meaningful Community Engagement in the                 Budget Process
​๏  Preparing for Successful Revenue Ballot Measures
​๏  12-Step Program for Recovery from Fiscal Distress
​๏  Strategies for Downsizing Finance Departments in Tough Fiscal Times
​๏  The Power of Fiscal Policies
​๏  Debt Management:Taking a Policy- Based Approach to Protecting Long-Term Fiscal Health
​๏  Top-Ten Skills for Finance Officers
​๏  Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
​๏  Financial Management for Elected Officials
​๏  Long-Term Financial Planning
​๏  Budgeting for Success Among Uncertainty: Preparing for the Next Downturn
​๏  Top Challenges Facing Local Government Finance Officers
​๏  Integrating Goal-Setting and the Budget Process
​๏  Benchmarking: Key Tool for Measuring Performance and Assessing Organizational                  Effectiveness
​๏  Fiscalization of Land Use
​๏  Taking a Policy-Based Approach to Setting User Fees

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